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Vegan / Vegetarian Sichuan Hot Pot
Our Sichuan Hot Pot is a social eating method that the Chinese have enjoyed for over a thousand years. Dragon Inn Club welcomes everyone to enjoy this most satisfying and communal of meals, with broths inspired by the regions of China and a great choice of authentic ingredients.

We are the 1st Sichuan Restaurant in London to offer a Vegan style Sichuan Hot Pot with a wide selection of Chinese mushrooms including enoki shiitake and black mushrooms  and vegetables okra, pak choi, sweet potato noodles  and tofu are at the ready and in abundance to dip into our hotpot with 3 different and delicious broths (hot Sichuan, traditional goji and date and a fresh tomato broth).  This experience is a wonderfully social meal with friends and family. Cooking together, exploring these incredible new flavours and having a good time.

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